Manuel Canabal has successfully graduated from a well-known private Academy of Sound and Image CEV, specializing in sound for TV and Cinema, Music Recording in studio, Musical Computer Science and Audio Post-production. He was taught by two best professionals: Javier Vacas and Ignacio Legorburu.

Then, he continued his musical education in the modern CREATIVE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, where he was taught the harmony by such famous musician as Eva Gancedo (GOYA´S WINNER AWARD) and Juan Mendez (YOUNG COMPOSERS AWARDS), between others..

Besides, Manuel Canabal has completed all courses of the English language at ACHNA (Hispano North-American Cultural Association).

Upon graduation in 1992, Manuel Canabal starts his professional career as an audio teacher and at the same time he works for the theatre as a chief of “sound” in a theater play “In the River” wich was released at the EXPO-SEVILLA 92 and later on it was performed all over Spain.

In 1994 he joins  MOLINARE  team. MOLINARE is one of the best post-production facilities in Spain and London who works with such a worldwide-known advertising agencies as BBDO, TANDEM, SAATCHI & SAATCHI, LEO BURNETT, YOUNG & RUBICAM, McCAN ERIKSON.... Manuel Canabal worked there eleven years in the position of a sound engineer, in the audio post-production department.

Manuel Canabal also works as a composer, creating original music for the big publisher group HACHETTE FILIPACCHI, the owner of magazines such as QUO, FOTOGRAMAS, NUEVO ESTILO, PSYCHOLOGIES, AR, PARIS-MATCH, CASA DIEZ, DIEZ MINUTOS, CRECER, etc. He creates music for commercials as well. Among his clients there are such as a PROCTER & GAMBLE GROUP (products: PRINGLES, ARIEL, WASH & GO, TIDE, BOLD...etc), FEDEROPTICOS, VISA, AUDI, TELE-5, CASTILLA-LA MANCHA TV and others.

When MOLINARE starts working with TV channels, Manuel got a new assignment. He is in charge of recording and mixing for channels: FOX, AXN and NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC, and working for such clients as MADRID SCIENTIFIC FILMS (Javier Trueba), BITIS DOCUMENTALES (Joaquin Gutierrez Acha) and TRANSGLOBE FILMS (Jorge Linares). His work for the film “TIERRA DE FUEGO” released on NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC channel, received congratulations from the managing director of NAT GEO in Washington for editing, sound FX and mixing…

In 2005, Manuel Canabal dedicates himself to Television thus joining the audio post-production team at SOGECABLE, the biggest communication group in Spain.

He is in charge of recordings, mixes and editing for the programs of CUATRO CHANNEL, CANAL+,  DIGITAL+ and CANAL+ HD (High Definition) mixing in both formats: stereo and the new Standard HD, High Definition format (5.1 DOLBY DIGITAL / DOLBY E).

CANAL+ HD is the first television channel in Spain broadcasting HIGH DEFINITION signal.

His admiration for film sound & music makes him join MASTER CLASSES, COURSES and AUDIO SEMINARIES, one of them  given by Daniel Goldstein (Owner of 3 GOYA AWARDS for  best sound). Manuel Canabal received recognition from this great professional and now he collaborates with Mr. Goldstein working as a freelance in his recording studio BEST DIGITAL, mixing American series, different programs and working with his clients in his facilities…

At present, Manuel Canabal combines his job at SOGECABLE with his works as a freelance and at the same time he continues composing original music for different clients. His latest musical projects were as follows:

Original music for EXPO-SHANGAI 2010 and EXPO-MILAN 2015, music for the new HUMAN EVOLUTION MUSEUM (Spain), documentaries such a PREHISTORIC  IN SPAIN, OJO GÜAREÑA, THE MISTERY OF GIANT CRYSTALS (SGE AWARD 2011), LOOKING FOR DJEHUTY,  TRAVELOGUE (documental serie), chaper 1 CHAD and chapter 2 GALAPAGOS ISLAND, (in project chapter 3), THE MITHOLOGY OF CADIZ, IDENTS for COSMOPOLITAN TV, ASTURIAS ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM, METRO Madrid and others.

His versatile talent, high-class professionalism, responsibility in all aspects of his work, makes Manuel Canabal especially attractive to his clients who put him in charge of their audiovisual projects.

TVE (National Spanish Television) have recently bought three documentaries of J. Trueba, whose music have been composed by Manuel Canabal: PREHISTORIC IN SPAIN, THE MISTERY OF GIANT CRYSTALS and LOOKING FOR DJEHUTY, which have been broadcasting yet by the public television.